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“What is HudsonAlpha?”

  • Leveraging the power of genomics to improve the human condition through genomic research; entrepreneurship and economic development; and educational outreach to students, teachers, the public and the next generation of the biotech workforce.
  • A 501(c)(3) non-profit that isn’t just one organization, but a collection of over 65 including 11 non-profit research labs, more than 45 independent resident companies, two dedicated philanthropic organizations, a staff of educators, and an on-campus diagnostic clinic.
  • Located in Huntsville, serving and collaborating with people throughout Alabama, the United States, and the world for 15 years.
  • An innovative model with a three-fold mission of genomic research, educational outreach, and economic development.

Record of Growth & Success


Biotech and business professionals on campus

Economic Impact to Alabama

Acre Biotech Campus

of 152 Acres are Developed


Papers Published in Scientific Journals

Collaborations with higher education colleges, universities and research institutions

Educational Outreach

People reached through educational programs

(since inception)

Teachers in Workshop Sessions

195 Schools

(307 High School, 995 Middle School)

iCell Downloads

(2019- 2022)

Students Served

from 182 Schools

(2021-2022 academic year)

Field Trips

From 182 Schools

(2013- 2021)

Classrooms with AMSTI Kits 

261 Schools

(2013- 2021)

Economic Development

Generated ROI from Mergers & Acquisitions

Minority Led Companies

Biotech Companies on Campus

 Mergers & Acquisitions